User Replace


BroadWorks users are customizable containers of business rules related to their business phone. It often includes details for call routing such as Call Forward Always, Hunt Groups, Call Centers, etc. But, it is also customizations such as user ID, user name (First and Last), email addresses, and voice greetings.

When an employee leaves the organization or changes positions within the organization, it is often necessary to change or remove the customizations of the BroadWorks user. However, we don’t want to lose the embedded business logic associated with that user.

User Replace Tool for the replacement or removal of individual user specifics without losing the business logic.


User Replace can be accessed via the Replace button within the Actions tab on User page. Note that you can return to any previously completed step by clicking the check mark next to the step name.

  1. Once on the User Replace page, fill in the new first and last name.
  2. If Named Extension is selected, choose a new User Id, otherwise the id will be in the format @.
  3. Select the Clear VM CC Address option if you would like for the BroadWorks voicemail carbon copy address to be cleared. Note that the carbon copy address will only be cleared if Voice Management is turned on.
  4. Select the Reset Devices option if you would like for the User's devices to reset after the replace operation has completed.
  5. Click Replace User when ready to begin.
  6. After the button has been pressed, you will be re-directed to the task page where you can monitor the status of the migration.

Background Procedure

User Replace is designed to replace or reset user specific customizations without losing the embedded business logic. As such, the process does not delete the underlying User. Rather it modifies settings to allow for an easy replacement of a BroadWorks user between real world end users.

Procedure -

  • Retrieve User Information
  • Check that the desired User ID is available
  • Modify the Busy Lamp Field URI
    • The URI is updated to the new User ID + “_BLF”
  • Update User Information
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Calling Line ID First Name
    • Calling Line ID Last Name
  • Clear User Information
    • Title
    • Pager Number
    • Mobile Number
    • Email Address
    • Address Street
    • Address Location
  • Generate new User web password compliant with Group password rules
  • Clear Voicemail Greetings for -
    • Busy Greeting
    • No Answer Greeting
    • Extended Away Greeting
    • Alternate Greetings
    • Personalized Name Greeting
  • Delete all announcements in the User’s announcement repository
  • Generate new Voice Portal passcode compliant with Group passcode rules
  • Update Advanced Voice Management settings if service is assigned
    • Clear the Carbon Copy Email Address if the ‘Clear CC’ is checked
    • Disable Voicemail Forwarding unless the ‘Retain Forwarding Address’ is checked.
    • Reset Voice Messaging Advanced settings
      • UserId is First Initial + Last Initial + Extension
      • Generated password
  • Reset the User’s Access Devices
  • Modify the User’s UserID


Requirements for a valid User Replacement are checked upon beginning a replacement procedure. Any Requirement errors be presented in the “User Replace” page to alert the provisioner to the error.

  • Available UserID
    • The desired UserID must be available in the BroadWorks system.