BroadWorks Objects

A BroadWorks object search can be performed via the search bar at the top of the page or via the individual searches on a type's tab. e.g cluster, serviceprovider, etc.

The fields that are searchable are:

  • All object types
    • BroadWorks ID
    • BroadWorks Name
  • Users
    • Phone Number
    • Extension
    • Email Address
  • Devices
    • Mac Address

Audit Logs

Audit log searches are available on all pages with either the Latest Changes or History tabs.

The fields that are searchable are:

  • Command Type: An example would be "User Call Processing Policy Modified"
  • The administrator who performed the action.
  • The ID of object the action was applied to.


Alerts can be searched via the Alert page which can be access by clicking the Alert History link on the Cluster page.

The fields that are searchable are:

  • Cluster
  • Summary Message