SSL Configuration

To configure Alpaca to run via SSL, start by enabling the https profile. See Profile Configuration. Once enabled, the application-https.yaml needs to be configured.


These configurations assume that necessary keys, key stores, and certificates have already been generated.

  • key-store - Path to the key store that holds the SSL certificate (typically a jks or pem file).
  • key-store-password - Password used to access the key store.
  • key-store-type - Type of the key store.
  • key-alias - Alias that identifies the key in the key store.
  • key-password - Password used to access the key in the key store.
  • protocol - SSL protocol to use.
  • ciphers - Supported SSL ciphers.

Sample SSL configuration

    port: 8443
      key-store: config/privkey.pkcs12
      key-store-password: myStorePassword!
      key-store-type: PKCS12
      key-alias: 1
      key-password: myKeyPassword!
      protocol: TLSv1.2