Operations that are long running are handled as background tasks within Alpaca. The Task pages allow their process to be tracked over time and later checked to ascertain details about their completion status. The Task pages can be accessed from the Task button in the header bar. This button is only available to Alpaca Users with the role Alpaca Admin.



  • Device Migration
  • User Migration
  • Enterprise Migration
  • Group To Enterprise Migration
  • User Collection Migration
  • User Replace


  • Communication Barring Criteria Report
  • Communication Barring Profile Report
  • Group Service Assigned Report
  • Meet Me Conferencing Report
  • User Call Forwarding Always Details Report
  • User Details Report
  • User Registration Report
  • User Service Assigned Report
  • User Service Details Report
  • User Voice Portal Not Changed Report

System and Other Tasks

  • Cluster Cleanup
  • Create Voicemail Box

Task Summary Page

After clicking the Tasks button in the header bar, you arrive at the Tasks Summary page. All tasks on this page display their current status, the task type, the location they were started from, and who created the task, There are three sections on the Tasks Summary page:

  1. Current - This is the task that is currently running. If no tasks are currently running, this section will not appear. Note that only one task can be running at a time.
  2. Up Next - These are the tasks that are queued up to start.
  3. Recently Finished - These are the most recent tasks to complete.

To view more information about a task, click the tasks name to be re-directed to the individual task page.

To view the complete tasks history, click the Task History button on the bottom of the page.

Individual Task Page

The individual task page allow you to see more information about a particular task. This is also the page you will be re-directed to after starting any task. Here you can monitor the live tasks logs and download them when the task is complete. You can also view the task process report after it has been completed as well as basic information such as the start time, who started it, and where it was started from. Some tasks have extra information such as "From" and "To".

By clicking the Download Task Archive button you can download the entire task archive or in the case of reports, you can download the report output. Note that the tasks archive cannot be downloaded until the task is complete.

Task History Page

The Task History page allows you search, sort, and find all tasks that haven been created. This page can be accessed via the button on bottom of the Task Summary page.