BroadWorks Clusters Configuration

Initial Setup / Adding Clusters

After the installation process has been completed, you will need to configure Alpaca to be able to communicate with your BroadWorks Cluster(s). Find the steps to do this below.

  1. Navigate to your Alpaca server via a web browser.
  2. Log in using the default credentials:
    • username: admin
    • password: admin
    • It is recommended that this account is deleted after the creation of another admin.
  3. From the navigation bar, expand the "Admin" drop down and navigate to the "BroadWorks Clusters" page.
  4. To add a cluster, click the "Add Cluster" button and complete the form.
    • Cluster Nickname - This is the nickname that will be used to describe the cluster. All clusters must have a unique nickname. Examples: "ECG Production" or "ECG Lab1".
    • OCI Hostname - The address to send OCI calls to. This is typically the address of the XSP or EWS.
    • BroadWorks Read-Only Admin Username - This account is used by Alpaca to perform background information retrieval for items such as the searchable database and licensing information.
    • BroadWorks Read-Only Admin Password - The password for the account above.
    • Audit Log Directories - The location of the audit logs for the particular cluster. i.e. /opt/alpaca/auditlogs/ECG_Production/. More than one directory can be provided.
  5. Once the form has been completed, click the "Create" button and a success or error message will appear. If an error has occurred, please check and verify that the credentials and addresses provided are correct.
  6. Repeat for each cluster.

Editing Clusters

Cluster information can be edited at any time by following the instructions below.

  1. Navigate the BroadWorks Cluster page. All BroadWorks Clusters that Alpaca has a connection with will appear here.
  2. Click on the cluster that needs to be edited.
  3. Modify that fields that need editing and click the "Update" button on the button right of the page. Note that the password field must be re-entered each time an edit is made.

Delete Clusters

Clusters can be removed from Alpaca at any time but please note that once a cluster has been removed its data will no longer be accessible via Alpaca.

  1. Navigate the BroadWorks Cluster page.
  2. Click on the cluster that needs to be deleted.
  3. Click the "Delete" button.