Device File Migration


During a migration process that involves Access Devices there will commonly be a desire to migrate custom configuration files during the process. A common scenario would be to migrate a directory configuration file so that manually configured speed dials can be retained following migration. To achieve this end configuration needs to occur within the Alpaca (configuration)[configuration.html] file and the device must meet specific requirements as outlined below.


Device file migration is controlled from the Alpaca Configuration. Further details on the specific values can be found here.

As an example, imagine we were migrating Device Types of the name "PolyTemplate". During the migration we wished to move the directory file that controls speed dials. We could look in BroadWorks under the Files and Authentication section for the "PolyTemplate" device type. We would then insert the file formats of the files that we wished to migrate into the configuration. The final configuration would similar to this:

      device-type-regex: "PolyTemplate"
      file-regexes: [

This would inform Alpaca to migrate the specified files along with the device during migration procedures.

Supported Configurations

Device File retrieval and insertion can be performed in a number of ways.

For retrieval Alpaca currently supports Device Types using -

  • Device Management Server (DMS) with HTTP/HTTPS/FTP
  • Legacy with FTP

For insertion after a migration Alpaca currently supports -

  • Device Management Server (DMS) with HTTP/HTTPS/FTP

This means that also we can migrate from a legacy Device Type we do not support migrating to a legacy Device Type.