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Cisco BroadWorks is a carrier-grade software platform for optimized performance and scale. BroadWorks is hosted by service providers to deploy cloud calling from a common network platform over any type of network architecture.

ECG Knows BroadWorks

Alpaca - Alpaca is your BroadWorks management toolset
BroadWorks system management and provisioning can be rigid, requiring special skills and training. Alpaca opens the door for unprecedented flexibility in user account management and enterprise location/relocation.

CallReporter - Real-time call history for BroadWorks subscribers
CallReporter gives you a real-time view of incoming, outgoing, and unanswered call records.

SurgeSuppressor - Automate SurgeMail
SurgeSuppressor bridges the gap between BroadWorks and SurgeMail by automating the creation, deletion, and modification of email accounts. It accomplishes this task by monitoring the OCI-R audit logs generated by the application server of a BroadWorks installation for needed changes. It then performs the tasks on SurgeMail, turning a multi-step operation into one.

The Coming Malware Storm - How to Defend BroadWorks Against Malware Like WannaCry and NotPetya
Learn five key lessons to prepare and protect your BroadWorks infrastructure from malware attacks.

BroadWorks Provisioning Cookbook - The BroadWorks Provisioning Cookbook is a quick reference guide to many common BroadWorks provisioning tasks. It's provided free by ECG.

BroadWorks Enterprises and Service Providers On the Wrong Servers? - BroadWorks Enterprise and Service Provider can only be built on a single Application Server (AS) Cluster. Both could include thousands of invidual settings and features, such as groups, call centers, devices, and users (and all their greetings, passwords, and settings). When you create a Service Provider or Enterprise on an AS cluster, BroadWorks provides no method to move to another cluster. The more Enterprises and Service Providers you put on a server, the greater your risk due to migration and downtime.

Unlock Your BroadWorks Data - Have you ever been frustrated that there’s no way to view everything you’ve built into your BroadWorks platform? What if every user, group, service, and setting could be exported in a text-readable JSON file format? What could you accomplish if 100% of the data used to build and manage your users was exportable?


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