CallReporter Real-time call history for BroadWorks subscribers

CallReporter gives you a real-time view of incoming, outgoing, and unanswered call records.


Search Options

Telephone Number or Extension
Account Code

Summary Report

Cumulative Minutes of Use
Summaries by Account Code

Filter Options

Service Provider, Enterprise, Group
Inbound or Outbound Calls

Summaries By User

Cumulative Call Count
Minutes of Use
Average Call Duration

Separate Logins

Distinct authentication and access for each of your users.

Export to CSV

After filtering calls, download the CSV spreadsheet file.

Customer Views

Each Service Provider, Enterprise or Group can have a custom view showing their own data.

Traffic Study

Service Providers can generate summary reports based on user defined traffic classes.


Ask us about whitelabeling options for CallReporter.


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Momentum Case Study

Why Trust ECG?

“Their expertise in voice engineering is a major reason I lean on ECG. I rely on them for their knowledge, subject matter expertise, and guidance.”

- Mark Hayes, VP of Voice Engineering, Momentum Telecom

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