SurgeSuppressor Automate SurgeMail

SurgeSuppressor bridges the gap between BroadWorks and SurgeMail by automating the creation, deletion, and modification of email accounts. It accomplishes this task by monitoring the OCI-R audit logs generated by the application server of a BroadWorks installation for needed changes. It then performs the tasks on SurgeMail, turning a multi-step operation into one.

Simple Automation

SurgeSuppressor makes automating SurgeMail changes easy! It can handle the following operations:

1. Mail Account Creation

When voicemail settings are correctly configured in BroadWorks a corresponding account can be generated in SurgeMail.

2. Mail Account Modification

SurgeSuppressor watches for voicemail password changes and makes the change on SurgeMail.

3. Mail Account Deletion

When a user is deleted from BroadWorks or if a user removes the voice messaging service they are triggered for deletion. In addition to simple deletion, SurgeSuppressor supports backing up the old mail accounts in case they are needed in the future.


SurgeSuppressor can be monitored by watching the SNMP trap information from the program. This will quickly let you know if SurgeSuppressor is running as intended. It will also give information about errors encountered. The full technical specifications for our monitoring can be found in our Default MIB and Heartbeat MIB files.


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