Webinars Webex for BroadWorks - Painless Deployment

Hosted May 18, 2021

As Cisco is rapidly phasing out the UC-One Connect product, BroadWorks service providers need Webex for BroadWorks to offer integrated meetings and calling solutions. But Webex brings its own learning curve and challenges:

- Now you need to create and manage Webex users in addition to BroadWorks users
- Webex “Partner Hub” and “Control Hub” - You can master these complex tools
- Push Notifications have a different flow
- New XSP Application - Authentication Service
- Mobile app lifecycle is simplified, with Cisco in the driver's seat

This webinar will cut right to the crux elements of the deployment process - the inflection points that can make it either a smooth turnup or a slow nightmare.

This webinar was recorded live on May 18, 2021

Presenter: Jon Chleboun, SMTS.

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