Communigate Voicemail Wizard


The Communigate Voicemail Wizard assists in the provisioning of voicemail only Users and their configuration within BroadWorks and Communigate Pro. The wizard collects the basic information as needed and performs a sequence of provisioning steps to create the user.

There are configurable options available in the Alpaca Web properties.

"serverConfig": {
    "communigateServiceProviderId": "Voice_Mail_Only",
    "communigateLoginDisabledEmail": ""
"clientConfig": {
    "communigateVoicemailDNLength": 10
  • "communigateServiceProviderId" - This is the Service Provider ID that Users will be created within.
  • "communigateLoginDisabledEmail" - Where login disabled assistance requests will be sent.
  • "communigateVoicemailDNLength" - The required number length for User creation. This is validated in the client.


To begin fill out the settings bar with the information desired to create the user.

  • Residential / Commercial - This radio button modifies the Group ID created to prepend "r" for residential or "b" for commercial (business). Setting this to residential also enabled voice-portal auto login.
  • Number - The number to be added and assigned to the User.
  • Digiport - This controls which SMDI server route is used for the User.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • User Limit - The User limit for the created Group. Defaults to 5.
  • Web Portal Password - The initial web portal password for the user.
  • Voice Portal Passcode - The initial voice portal passcode for the user.

When the settings have been entered click Create to begin the procedure.

The wizard will begin and follow the following process.

  • Add the number to the Service Provider
  • Create new Group in the Service Provider
  • Authorize Services
  • Assign Phone Number
  • Set Calling Line ID Number
  • Modify Group Extension Length
  • Set Group Outgoing Calling Plan
  • Set Group Password Rules
  • Set Group Passcode Rules
  • Set Group Voice Portal Settings
  • Create User
  • Assign Services
  • Assign Voice Portal Passcode
  • Set Voice Management Options
  • Set Advanced Voice Management Options
  • Set Message Waiting Indicator Options
  • Add Alias
  • Add SMDI Route
  • Create mailbox on Communigate Pro Server

The status of the creation will appear in the status log. This is updated every 30 seconds and immediately following completion of the procedure.