The Alpaca Web configuration is a JSON document that is divided into two sections for the Server and Client side.


  • queryResponseSizeLimit: The size limit to return when performing Alpaca Web searches.
  • communigateServiceProviderId: The ServiceProvider ID to generate Communigate Voicemail provisioning accounts.
  • communigateLoginDisabledEmail: The Communigate login disabled contact e-mail.
  "serverConfig": {
    "queryResponseSizeLimit": 1000,
    "communigateServiceProviderId": "VoiceMailOnly",
    "communigateLoginDisabledEmail": ""


  • communigateVoicemailDNLength: The Communigate DN validation length.
  • userIdMask: The term to describe UserIDs for interactive forms.
  • userIdPattern: The UserID validation pattern.
  • deviceNameConfig: Configuration to determine Device naming during a Device Migration.
    • deviceNameTemplate: Default template. Valid template replacement values are:
      • {deviceName} - The device's current name.
      • {deviceType} - The device's type.
      • {mac} - The device's MAC address.
    • templateList: Templates for Device's with potential subtypes.
      • name: Name of the templated DeviceType.
      • template: Default template for this type.
      • subtypes: A map of Device Types to Device Type templates. The Device Type keys will appear in the Alpaca Web client under the selected template name. The template value will determine the Device's final name.
  "clientConfig": {
    "communigateVoicemailDNLength": 10,
    "userIdMask": "Computing ID",
    "userIdPattern": "^[A-Za-z0-9._%+-]",
    "deviceNameConfig": {
      "deviceNameTemplate": "{deviceName}",
      "templateList": [
          "name": "PolyTemplate",
          "template": "PolyTemplate_{mac}",
          "subtypes": {
            "Polycom VVX 600": "Polycom_VVX_600_{mac}",
            "Polycom VVX 500": "Polycom_VVX_500_{mac}",
            "Polycom VVX 300": "Polycom_VVX_300_{mac}",
            "Polycom VVX 410": "Polycom_VVX_410_{mac}"