Traffic Study


Traffic Study is a function of Call Reporter that allows a service provider to generate summary reports based on user defined traffic classes. These classes are specified on a per number basis.

Generating the Reports

Traffic study reports are generated by running the command-line script trafficStudy with the following required parameters:

  • did_file: The text file specifying the list of DIDs to be included in the report and the traffic class of that DID; separated with a comma.

  • state_npa_file: The text file specifying a list of NPAs to be considered intra-state.

  • start_date: Start date for the report. format: YYYY-MM-DD

  • end_date: End date for the report. format: YYYY-MM-DD

  • report_type: Specifies the format of the report output. Either 'csv' or 'txt'.

  • base_url: Base URL of CallReporter in the format ://:. (ex.

Example: ./trafficStudy MY_DID_FILE.txt MY_STATE_NPA_FILE.txt 1970-01-01 1970-01-23 txt

Traffic Class

Traffic Classes are arbitrary buckets that are used to divide the traffic from different numbers. The value is simply used to separate the traffic and can be a single value if all traffic should be together.

For example --



There are several things to be aware of with how the traffic study process the reports.

  • Calls from one subscriber to another subscriber is only counted as an inbound call in whatever category it belongs. It is not counted on the outbound side. This prevents double counting for intra-carrier calls.
  • Inbound calls from a toll-free number are not counted as toll-free.
  • Toll-free calls as assigned toll free as their locale can not be determined by the data available to Call Reporter.
  • Calls to or from an international number are counted as international.
  • start_date assumes a time of 00:00:00
  • end_date assumes a time of 23:59:59

Sample Output

Sample output for the 'txt' report --

Report Period: Fri Jun 23 00:00:00 EDT 2017 - Fri Jun 23 23:59:59 EDT 2017
Traffic Class:  ILEC
        Intra-state %: 52.4
        Intra-state Calls: 11
        Intra-state MOU %: 72.7
        Intra-state MOU: 16
        Inter-state %: 19
        Inter-state Calls: 4
        Inter-state MOU %: 13.6
        Inter-state MOU: 3
        Toll Free %: 19
        Toll Free Calls: 4
        Toll Free MOU %: 9.1
        Toll Free MOU: 2
        International %: 9.5
        International Calls: 2
        International MOU %: 4.5
        International MOU: 1
        Intra-carrier %: 0
        Intra-carrier Calls: 0
        Intra-carrier MOU %: 0
        Intra-carrier MOU: 0

Traffic Class:  CLEC
        Intra-state %: 47.8
        Intra-state Calls: 11
        Intra-state MOU %: 9.8
        Intra-state MOU: 5
        Inter-state %: 21.7
        Inter-state Calls: 5
        Inter-state MOU %: 74.5
        Inter-state MOU: 38
        Toll Free %: 8.7
        Toll Free Calls: 2
        Toll Free MOU %: 2
        Toll Free MOU: 1
        International %: 4.3
        International Calls: 1
        International MOU %: 0
        International MOU: 0
        Intra-carrier %: 17.4
        Intra-carrier Calls: 4
        Intra-carrier MOU %: 13.7
        Intra-carrier MOU: 7