RedHat/CentOS 7 CallReporter Installation


  • A clean install of CentOS 7.
  • This is not an upgrade.
  • Credentials to access the CallReporter server as root.
  • Working knowledge of ssh and file transfer tool such as scp.
  • ECGCDRLoader has already been installed.


The guide is split into sections based on the server or machine that the operations should be performed. It is also in chronological order. Performing the steps from top to bottom is the desired procedure.

Notes for upgrading from pre CallReporter 3.2.0

If upgrading from a pre RPM based CallReporter (< 3.2.0) the following pre-installation step will need to be taken.

CallReporter Server

  • Step: P-1
    1. Stop CallReporter
    2. Delete CallReporter install directory.
      • This is typically /opt/callreporter
      • Make sure to backup any files that you do not want to lose, i.e. report output, etc.
    3. Remove original run script.
      • Located in /etc/init.d
  • Commands
    1. # service callreporter stop
    2. # rm -rf /opt/callreporter
    3. # rm -f /etc/init.d/callreporter

You are now ready to proceed with the installation.

Local Work Station

CallReporter Server

  • Step: C-1
  • Commands:

    1. # cd /tmp
    2. # yum install -y callreporter-CALLREPORTER_VERSION.x86_64.rpm

        callreporter.x86_64 0:3.4.1-RELEASE
  • Step: C-2

  • Commands:

    1. # mv ecg.license.txt /opt/callreporter
    2. # service callreporter start

      Starting callreporter.d (via systemctl):                  [  OK  ]