Call Reporter (callreporter)

  • broad-works-clusters - List of BroadWorks Clusters available for CallReporter. These must correspond to Clusters configured within ECDCDRLoader.
  • redirecting-call-support - This enables the "Include Redirecting" web button. However, this only works if the " redirectingReason" field is included in ECGCDRLoader within its additional-fields configuration.
  • privacyWarning - Overrides the warning message in the footer on the Main View.
  # List of names (Strings) -- These must correspond to the Clusters configured for ecgcdrloader
    - "Production"
    - "Lab1"
    - "Lab2"
    redirecting-call-support: true
    privacyWarning: "Proprietary Information: This data is confidential and may contain proprietary information. If you have accessed this site in error, please notify the administrator immediate
                     ly at"

Spring (spring)

Mongo Configuration

  • uri - The address of the local Mongo installation. This is typically mongodb://localhost:27017.
  • database - The name of the database to use for CalLReporter. This should always be ecgcdrloader.

Sample MongoDB configuration

        uri: mongodb://localhost:27017
        database: ecgcdrloader

SSL Configuration

To configure CallReporter to run via SSL, start by enabling the https profile. See Profile Configuration. Once enabled, the application-https.yaml needs to be configured.

Generating a Key Store

To enable SSL you need a valid Java keystore configured. This first requires a valid certificate.

After the certificate has been created, use openssl to create a keystore file.

# openssl pkcs12 -export -in fullchain.pem -inkey privkey.pem -out keystore.pkcs12

To verify that the certificate was correctly imported:

# keytool -list -keystore config/keystore.pkcs12 -storetype pkcs12 -alias 1

Now the keystore can be copied to the CallReporter configuration directory for usage.

  1. # cp keystore.pkcs12 /opt/callreporter/config/
  2. # chown callreporter:callreporter /opt/callreporter/config/config/keystore.pkcs12

Configurations (server.ssl)

These configurations assume that necessary keys, key stores, and certificates have already been generated.

  • ciphers - Supported SSL ciphers.
  • keyAlias - Alias that identifies the key in the key store.
  • keyPassword - Password used to access the key in the key store.
  • keyStore - Path to the key store that holds the SSL certificate (typically a jks or pem file).
  • keyStorePassword - Password used to access the key store.
  • keyStoreType - Type of the key store.
  • protocol - SSL protocol to use.


  • production - This is the primary configuration for production.

Profiles can be selected in the configuration file located in the CallReporter root. The profiles variable within the file takes a comma separated list of strings.