Release Notes

Last Updated: 06/16/2021 The ECG team is pleased to announce the release version 8.5.0 of Alpaca.

This version includes support for the R22 and R23 versions of the BroadWorks API.


  • Release 06/18/2021

What's Fixed

  • [BulkUserDelete] - Fixed issue that could cause Alpaca to attempt to delete the same device multiple times.
  • [ProvisioningPlugins] - Improved error logging.
  • [TaskPage] - Fixed issue that caused the task page to not load if a referenced search index no longer existed.
  • [SharedCallAppearancePlugin] - Added validator to verify that the SharedCallAppearance service is included in the User's services or service packs.
  • [BulkUserDelete] - When deleting from a table, the Drag-And-Drop is now disabled.
  • [PageSize] - Fixed issue that caused a pageSize change not to be respected until after a page refresh.
  • [BulkProvisioning] - Fixed logic error that failed to set the deviceLevel if a device with the same name existed in the system but not the group.


  • Released 06/16/2021

What's New

  • Added Trunk Group landing page and full settings. Trunk Groups are also now searchable.
  • Added Meet Me Conferencing Bridge landing page and full settings.
  • [UserSettings] - Added Communication Barring Authorization Codes panel.
  • [UserSettings] - Added Classmark panel.
  • Added configuration to allow Alpaca User's with BroadWorks Type USER, to reset their BroadWorks Voice Portal Passcode without entering the current passcode.

What's Changed

  • [IPFencing] - Fencing check now occurs on every request instead of just on login.
  • [Search] - When using the header search, the query will remain in the header until the user has navigated away from the Search page.
  • [UserAddressesPanel] - The extension input is now automatically populated when a Phone Number is selected. This matches the behavior of address panels at other levels.

What's Fixed

  • [UserMigration] - Fixed bug that caused a Pilot User's department to not be set correctly.
  • [UserMigration] - Fixed bug that could cause a User's Alternate Trunk Identity to not be set correctly.
  • [Permissions] - Various fixes and improvements related to Permission hierarchy.
  • [ImportWizard] - Errors are now correctly displayed in the Wizard.
  • [RecurringTask] - Fixed issue that caused recurring tasks to always use the current time instead of the provided time.
  • [UserAssignServicesPanel] - The Prepaid User Service can no longer be assigned/un-assigned by Users with login type Group or below.
  • [GroupIncomingCallingPlanPanel] - Fixed bug that prevented inner-panels from loading if the digit pattern permissions list was null.
  • [UserProfilePanel] - Fixed incorrect validation text. Added missing validators.
  • [UserOfficeZonePanel] - Fixed issue with Primary Zone not being saved correctly if the Office Zone option was changed.
  • [SchedulePanel] - Fixed issue with the Schedule Event Recurrence End Date not saving correctly.
  • [HiddenNavs] - Fixed issue that prevented items in the header from being hidden via the Hidden Navs configuration.
  • [CommunigateVoicemailUserDelete] - Fixed invalid return from the Backend endpoint.
  • [DeviceSelect] - Fixed issue that caused the contact input to stay visible when 'None' was selected for the device.
  • [CollaborateRoomSchedule] - Fixed issue that dis-allowed removing the end date from a Reservationless schedule.
  • [UserCallMeNow] - Fixed incorrect styling for the criteria.
  • [BulkProvisioning] - Fixed error that occurred when attempting to re-select a file that previously failed validation.
  • [BulkProvisioning] - Added supported for spaces between entries in the Service and ServicePack columns.

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