Release Notes

Last Updated: 05/24/2021 The ECG team is pleased to announce the release version 8.4.0 of Alpaca.

This version includes support for the R22 and R23 versions of the BroadWorks API.


  • Released 05/24/2021

What's New

  • Added Call Center landing page with full settings.
  • Added TrunkGroupUserCreationMonitorTask. This task is launched when a BroadWorks GroupTrunkGroupUserCreationTaskAddRequest is read in from the Audit Logs. It will monitor the status of the task and once complete, re-sync the Group to pull in all new Users.
  • Added GroupAccessDevice Add Action at the Group level.
  • Added AccessDevice (all levels) Tag Set panel.
  • Added AccessDevice (all levels) Custom Tags panel.
  • Added AccessDevice (all levels) profile/modify panel.
  • Added support for enabling CallingLineIdBlockingOverride to active during Bulk Provisioning.
  • Added support for enabling CallingLineIdDeliveryBlocking to active during Bulk Provisioning.
  • Added Bulk Provisioning configuration that can be used to set default values.
  • Added support for setting voicemailMode (FORWARD or UNIFIEDGROUP) during Bulk Provisioning.
  • Added support for setting BLF List URI during Bulk Provisioning.
  • Added User Web Access Password panel.
  • Added User Voice Portal Passcode panel.

What's Changed

  • [AL-2665] - Bulk User Delete will now run Pre and Post User Delete plugins.
  • [AL-2662] - Added a BLF Uniqueness pre-check to User Replace.
  • [GroupNumberActivationPanel][AL-2420] - Added ability to select multiple numbers/ranges to activate at once. Added filters for phone number and activation state.
  • Added Delete buttons (with confirmation) to the Hunt Group and Auto Attendant profile panels.

What's Fixed

  • [AL-2657] - Fixed issue where there Voice Mail User Delete was sending a null cluster.
  • [AL-2664] - Fixed possible null pointer in the DeviceProvisioningPlugin.
  • [AL-2661] - Fixed issue with Audit Log Custom Time Filter not using the User's configured TimeZone.
  • [GroupDeviceConfiguration][AL-2651][R22] - Added activatable feature check for feature 02283 before displaying the " Tag Sets" panel.
  • [DeviceMigration][AL-2663] - Fixed issue that caused configured subtype to be ignored.
  • Updated error message/code to be more clear when a remote tries to authenticate from an un-expected hostname/ip address.
  • Logging out from the ClusterVerification modal now redirects to the logout page if logoutRedirectsToLogin is set to false.
  • Fixed possible issue when editing permissions on a Drag And Drop.
  • [SSO] - Fixed issue that caused an Alpaca User to be created even if an associated BroadWorks user could not be found.
  • [SSO] - When a BroadWorks User who is associated with an Alpaca User is deleted, the Alpaca User will be deleted.
  • [UserBasicCallLogs] - Fixed issue that caused the panel to appear even if the service was not assigned.
  • [UserEnhancedCallLogs] - Fixed issue that caused the panel to appear even if the service was not assigned.
  • [Permissions] - Fixed issue with permissions overriding default hidden behavior for certain panels.
  • [SSO] - Fixed bug that could cause an SSO user to be stuck on an error page when logged in during an Alpaca restart.
  • Fixed issue that caused extra unnecessary request from the frontend to the backend.
  • [RoutePointSupervisorsPanel] - Fixed permission issues.
  • [AutoAttendantSubMenusPanel] - Hid from "BASIC" Auto Attendants.
  • [AutoAttendantHolidayMenuPanel] - Hid from "BASIC" Auto Attendants.
  • Fixed permission issues when accessing AutoAttendants or HuntGroups as a DepartmentAdmin.
  • [GroupNumbersPanel] - Prevented GroupAdmins from deleting numbers. Changed assigned column to a BooleanCell.
  • [GroupNewUserServicesTemplatePanel] - Fixed load issue that could cause errors if saving after editing only one drag and drop.
  • [GroupSchedules] - Fixed display of delete error message.
  • [GroupDialableCallerIdPanel] - Fixed issue with form not loading correctly after an update.
  • [UserCustomRingback] - Fixed issue with components not hiding correctly. Improved layout.
  • [UserVoiceMessaging] - Hid usePhoneMessageWaitingIndicator input if isUserPlace = false.
  • [HuntGroupProfile] - Made department dropdown read only for department admins. Fixed issue with emptying out the users dnd.
  • [UserThirdPartVoiceMailSupport] - Hid if LOCATIONBASEDCALLINGRESTRICTIONS and an office zone is not assigned to the user.
  • [AutoAttendantProfile] - Made department dropdown read only for department admins.

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