Webinars The Checklist: 9 Tests for Your SHAKEN Deployment (at SIP Forum / SIPNOC 2020)

Hosted December 10, 2020

In the rush to deploy SHAKEN for legal requirements, it can be easy to focus on success modes only, where you look only at what's working instead of what's possible. This is encouraged when you are asked "When will we be compliant?" with the new laws and regulations.

How do you avoid short-circuiting the true legal requirement of SHAKEN, as well as the obligations to society to improve the trustworthiness of the telephone network? This presentation will equip you with a straightforward checklist of nine key tests that every SHAKEN deployment must pass. Voice Service Providers can use this checklist to evaluate deployments and set goals for SHAKEN operation.

  • UCaaS / Hosted PBX Scenarios
  • Advanced Find-Me-Follow-Me Scenarios
  • Calling through IP-NNI / PSTN Termination vendors that add attestation for you
  • Asymmetric Routing Scenarios
  • Intra-service-provider Scenarios - when calls do not leave your own network
  • SIP Trunking Scenarios
  • Call Forwarding Scenarios
  • Privacy and Caller ID Override Scenarios
  • Analysis, Display, and Nuisance calling mitigation

Presented by Mark Lindsey, SMTS and Vice President Engineering, at ECG

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