Webinars Protect Your Customers! Implementing a GREAT Robocall Mitigation Plan

Hosted June 17, 2021

This webinar discusses what should be in a great Robocall Mitigation Plan and how it helps you to protect your customers against against nuisance and robocalling, and allows their calls to succeed to the outside world.

  • Defining a Robocall Mitigation Plan
  • Origination vs Termination -- Definitions
  • Key Goals for Protecting Customers - Deliverability, Liability, Reliability, Blocking Scam, and Trustworthy Caller ID
  • Know Your Customer - Customer Vetting
  • Industry Traceback Group Cooperation
  • Contract & Terms of Service Enforcement - Including Shutting Down Sources
  • Engineering Your Network to Fight Robocalling - Concurrent Calling, Calls-Per-Second Rates, and Number Screening
  • Reasonable Analytics - Automating the defense of your customers
  • Customer Types - SIP Trunking, APIs, and SIP Endpoint Users
  • Nuisance Calling Prevention - Stopping the Scams and the Spam


Hosted by: Jon Chleboun, SMTS

Presenter: Mark Lindsey, SMTS / VP Engineering, ECG


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