Introduction to Alpaca

The Alpaca Library is at it's core a Java interpretation of the BroadWorks OCI schema as available from Broadsoft XChange. In most cases datatypes found in the OCI schema in XML can be found in the Alpaca library as Java objects. In addition to the types found in the OCI schema, Alpaca contains objects to handle connectivity with a BroadWorks system and helpers to perform more complex tasks not available in the OCI schema.


Creating an Alpaca based application can be as simple as creating a connection to BroadWorks and sending in a request. This example retrieves all access devices in the BroadWorks system. In production you would also want to verify that the response object was not an error response.

BroadWorksServer bws = BroadWorksServer.getBroadWorksServer(server, username, password, null);

// Get All Access Devices in the System
SystemAccessDeviceGetAllRequest accessDeviceGetAllRequest = new SystemAccessDeviceGetAllRequest(bws);

for(SystemAccessDeviceAccessDeviceTableRow accessDevice : 
    // Process Access Devices