Webinars BroadWorks in the Cloud: Good or Bad Idea?

Hosted August 5, 2021

Cisco BroadWorks is the software platform for UCaaS Providers used by some of the top Collaboration providers in the world. Traditionally it is installed in an engineered data center environment where service providers control the servers, routing, switching, and security.

But public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud raise questions: should BroadWorks be operated in a data center or a cloud provider? Are Voice Service Providers missing out if they keep their systems in a data center? 

Voice telecommunications in the United States is a service with regulated reliability requirements; outages affecting 911 or large populations must be reported to the FCC and can bring fines and penalties. We'll discuss how this might affect your thinking on choosing a data center or public cloud environment.

Integration with security appliances like firewalls and load balancers, and SIP devices like Session Border Controllers, is also substantially different in a cloud environment. We'll discuss the networking and connection differences between data centers and public cloud providers.

Top News: We'll also bring you an independent report of the top news on Cisco BroadWorks, including updates from Cisco and from partners.


In this presentation, we'll examine the key considerations for this question focused on Amazon Web Services (AWS):

  • What are the vital hosting requirements you need to run a BroadWorks platform reliably?
  • Does AWS provide the fundamentals expected for a production BroadWorks implementation?
  • Cisco famously operates their own BroadWorks system -- how do they host and build their platform?
  • How do Ansible Playbooks relate to cloud or data center hosting decisions?
  • Do hybrid or multi-cloud strategies make sense, where engineers deploy BroadWorks between both data-center and cloud environments?
  • What's different about integrations with security devices and session border controllers?