FraudStopper Stop toll fraud in its tracks

FraudStopper is a high-performance Fraud alerting and protection system for VoIP Service Providers and Enterprises. Based on years of research at Service Providers large and Small, FraudStopper represents a milestone for effective, affordable Layer-7 network defense.

FraudStopper at a glance


Enhance network security by actively and continuously monitoring all calling patterns. FraudStopper provides current alerts, detailed statistics about your users’ international calling activity, and details on which users are being tracked; it also has the capability to suppress alerts for known or expected anomalies.


Detect fraud regardless of how it enters your network – SBC, SIP Trunk, PSTN Gateway, SIP Phone, MGCP EMTA.

Automatic & Flexible

Don't depend on fixed thresholds and manual exceptions to detect fraud. Some users make lots of Premium or International Calls, and others make almost none. FraudStopper knows about each of them.

Consistent & Reliable

ECG Fraud Analysts monitor your system and respond to fraud 24x7x365. Or you can use your own Fraud analysts in-house. You can even integrate FraudStopper into an Automatic Intrusion Protection System (IPS).

How it works

FraudStopper is intended for the most prevalent form of Toll Fraud for VoIP Carriers, including compromised SIP accounts, hacked PBXs, and International Call-Forwarding fraud.

1. Installation

FraudStopper is installed in your own network and your SBC, Application Servers, PSTN Gateways and telephone switches are configured to deliver Call Data Records to the FraudStopper system.

2. Monitoring

The Real-Time Call Progress Monitor analyzes each call to determine whether it is a call of interest in Fraud Detection, either from specific marking in the CDRs or by comparison to a destination digit map.

3. Real-time assessment

The Auto-Analysis Learning Engine calculates the probability that each call of interest is fraudulent based on known patterns of user behavior.

4. Alerting

When calls are placed that are likely to be fraudulent, alerts are sent via the Alerting Engine.

5. Response

ECG Fraud Analysts work around the clock monitoring for fraud on your network. When fraud alarms are raised at the Analyst monitoring center, an analyst will immediately begin assessment and preventative response. They can contact you or your customer directly to assess the risk of fraud, and, if you desire, they can immediately act to mitigate the risk by making provisioning changes on your platform.

You may also use your own in-house fraud analysts. FraudStopper delivers an SNMP trap showing the detail of the fraud risk via SNMP so your network operators can assess the appropriate action. FraudStopper can also send an email alert, which some service providers have delivered directly to a ticketing system for analysis.

6. Reporting

FraudStopper increases your ability to respond immediately to fraud events, as well as give you reporting tools to analyze the international calling activity of your users.

See detailed information about any fraud events that FraudStopper has caught and is currently tracking. Use this information to respond quickly and effectively.

Extract detailed information on international calling. Search by user or by date. Suppress known anomalies to fine-tune alerting.

Run detailed reports on which users FraudStopper is tracking on a particular day – see FraudStopper pick up new users as they make calls.


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