Voice Customer Service

Providing first-call resolution to your customers is difficult. It requires lots of staff to stay available 24x7x365, and lots of training for that staff so they have the know-how to fix the problems. Let us take care of that for you.

Branded Tech Support for Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking

ECG's has trained VoIP troubleshooters standing by to answer calls from your customers and resolve their issues quickly. They answer the phone, leading with your company's name, and can speak confidently with your customers.

Trained Staff of VoIP Technicians and Router Troubleshooters

Not just Tier-1! Our technicians understand SIP and call flows, and they also can troubleshoot issues on the IP level. Our troubleshooters can handle most of the common hosted PBX and Trunking issues while the customer is still on the phone.

Troubleshooting and Customer Service Customized to Your Network

We work with you to develop an understanding of your network and a custom response plan.

Close Association with ECG's Senior Network Designers

Our VoIP technicians work closely with our senior staff who are routinely designing and troubleshooting some of the largest and most advanced VoIP networks around. Escalations can be to your engineering staff, or we offer escalation to our VoIP experts.

Years of Experience

ECG has been running highest quality support centers since 1995.

For more information on Voice Customer Service, please contact sales@e-c-group.com or 1-866-324-0700 option 1.