Device Services

Are you a device manufacturer?

As a BroadSoft business partner, ECG is frequently asked by members of the BroadSoft user community to evaluate and recommend (for or against) various devices. We are in a good position to know what BroadSoft Xchange users, and more specifically, customer product evaluators, are interested in and expect.

To this end, ECG offers a number of services that are advantageous for device manufacturers to reduce friction and smooth and optimize the testing and adoption process.

Lab Testing

We test your device in the actual configured environment in which it will operate and not a (typically) simpler test environment.

Partner Configuration Guide Development

To provide a complete, accurate and simplified PCG so that anyone evaluating your product will have everything they need.

DTAF production

If your product needs a DTAF as part of a CPE Kit, we can produce one that works out of the box with all the addresses and common terms so the customer doesn’t have to deal directly with the config file.

NOC Service

We can provide engineering support and troubleshooting to your customers 24/7/365 through our VoIP NOC.

Here are some questions to consider…

How much engineering time is required to fully support your device including generation of configuration files? (Keeping in mind that skipping this generation can be done in a lab environment, but that isn’t a realistic evaluation.)

If a product evaluation engineer needs help, who does he reach when he calls, a qualified engineer?

Is your CPE kit proven, tested, and downloadable? What security are you using for config files?

Is your device DNS failover-tested? Do you have geo-redundancy support?

Consider what happens if a reseller doesn’t offer support. How do you plan to handle differences in time zones? Will the reseller ensure that an engineer is available for first call resolution?

Do those questions resonate with you?

If so, contact us to set up a call to discuss how ECG can help.