We Know Metaswitch

Since 2006, ECG has provided design, installation and troubleshooting for Metaswitch customers all over the world – and even into outer space!

We bring expertise in IP Networking, Security, SS7/TDM, UCaaS and Hosted PBX won from thousands of hours of experience in challenging Service Provider, Regulated Telecom, Government and Enterprise environments.

What Makes ECG Different

Industry’s Most Trusted Team

ECG’s clients include the US Federal Government and the world’s largest telecommunications carriers. Our clients include innovative new software startups and Visionary “Magic Quadrant” companies ranked by Gartner Research.

Even if you don’t require a Background Check or Security Clearance, you can benefit from the trust and dependability of the industry’s most trusted Voice and Data Technical team.

24x7 Senior Technician On Call

ECG’s Engineering Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for emergency support. Don’t be limited to the scheduling availability of a single engineer: ECG’s deep pool of trained, experienced staff means we can provide round-the-clock coverage for the most challenging and intensive scenarios.

Emergency, on-site services are also available, with staff located in the US and EMEA regions. We can generally begin Voice and Data troubleshooting support in any major city in the US or Europe within 8 hours.

Continuous NOC Network Monitoring

ECG’s 24x7x365 Network Security Operations Center can cover your network with continuous monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting.

  • Monitor NMS and Fraud Monitoring Systems
  • Answer calls and requests from customers
  • Contact outbound vendors
  • Perform Emergency Restoration Procedures
  • Handle inbound technical calls
  • Participate in Traceback requests

Our Metaswitch Customers

Our Metaswitch Customers

Our Metaswitch Services

Growth & Migration

Metaswitch Routing & Configuration

ECG configures CFS translations and custom routing for a variety of situations. ECG leverages experience with customizing persistent profiles, subscriber groups, attribute sets, number validation and routing tables.

  • Conventional US routing
  • Custom Enterprise routing
  • Toll Fraud Prevention

Network Design Audits – Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent, Ubiquiti, Adtran

A strong Metaswitch implementation is built on a reliable network. The ECG technical team has designed and upgraded IP networks, firewalls, routers and switches since 1995. We configure and design around a wide variety of network equipment.

  • Analyze redundancy and reliability deficiencies
  • Review software / firmware versions on routers and switches, and plan upgrade options
  • Assess packet loss and port performance, such as dropped packets, bad cabling, bad fiber optic links
  • Audit firewall configuration and vulnerabilities

Did you know?

Even the best firewall can be configured insecurely, disabling the protection it was meant to provide. “Open Ports” may allow bad actors access through the network by exposing services to the public Internet that ought not to be. Open “back doors” can be configured to allow rapid troubleshooting by staff – but these can be exploited to create problems. When staff leave, old administrative holes need to be patched and closed.

NPA Area Code Splits & Reconfiguration

When your NPA Splits, or new area codes are added in your region, the work and migration can be complex. ECG can manage the process and implement the changes.

  • Design routing plan with TDM and SIP carriers
  • Reconfigure SBC for necessary changes
  • Design new Perimeta MMF rules to accommodate dialing and code changes
  • Test and integrate changes into the SBC and Config Set
  • Develop calling test plan to confirm continued operation for all subscribers
  • Activate changes according to maintenance window schedules

Reliability & Security

Prevent Fraud – Block Calls to High Value Destinations

Do all of your customers need to be able to satellite phones at $16/minute? ECG can configure your Metaswitch CFS to block calls to High Value Destinations. This is a safe way to reduce your exposure to fraud and accidental fees.

  • Block calls to satellite phones, expensive international destinations, and known toll fraud destinations
  • Comply with FCC regulations for rural call completion

Did you know?

FCC regulations for Rural Call Completion prohibit blocking calls to rural US destinations. Major carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon have paid huge fines because of improper network configurations. When configuring your call blocking to high-cost destinations, be extremely careful to identify only the proper destinations to block. ECG can carefully craft blocking rules that comply with US regulations.

Defending Metaswitch Platforms from Internet Attacks

The ECG technical team have worked preventing security attacks in Internet and Voice networks since 1995. You can rely on ECG to configure firewalls, analyze routing and switching configurations, and implement the best rules and guidelines for preventing attacks from the Internet or from customer networks.

Did you know?

You can minimize botnet, ransomware, and malware attacks by running regular security updates. ECG can assist in updating the software on your core infrastructure, and your support (OAM&P) platforms. Insecure Cisco and Juniper router/switch software and configurations can be used to exploit, overload, and attack your critical voice infrastructure, leading to outages.

Scanning for Weak Passwords on EAS

Don’t let provisioning errors or custom configurations make your system vulnerable! Scan your network for weak passwords, and correct problems.

When bad actors on the Internet get access to SIP authentication credentials, they can spoof your customer and commit fraud. This can create toll fraud, impersonation attacks, and launch robocalling attacks.

Did you know?

Metaswitch provides a free MetaSphere EAS scanning tool – but is not installed on every EAS installation. Regular scanning can find provisioning errors or “temporary” weak passwords that creep in. ECG can assist in getting the software installed.

Security Hardening, Preventing Fraud and Intrusion Vulnerabilities

ECG can review your Metaswitch installation for fraud, robocalling, and intrusion vulnerabilities, then implement security hardening requirements.

  • CFS Config Set Review
  • EAS Hosted PBX Configuration Review
  • SIP Provisioning Server implementation Review
  • Outbound calling review from N-Series Server, Conferencing, Firebar
  • Design a complete Method of Procedure (MOP) for implementing the change
  • Review the MOP with your staff and engineers, dividing work between technical staff as needed
  • Run Baseline testing to test assumptions and confirm the system operates properly prior to the maintenance
  • Execute the MOPs in maintenance windows
  • Run regression tests to confirm all changes worked properly
  • Remediate problems discovered after the maintenance

Perimeta Message-Manipulation MMF Rule Configuration

SIP protocol evolution leads to inevitable interoperability challenges. ECG configures message rewrite policies and manipulates headers and values to ensure optimal compatibility when interfacing with third party gateways and phones, regardless of whether they are new or old.
  • Add SIP headers to accommodate requirements of PBXs and SIP Peers
  • Remove SIP headers to prevent confusion
  • Modify calling and called number formatting
  • Enable and manage steering and prefix digits

Perimeta Network Growth & SBC Configuration

The Perimeta SBC is a leading Session Border Controller. ECG assists in upgrades, configuration, and implementation projects.

  • Geographic Redundancy: Design your network to automatically re-route traffic to different SBCs based on location, IP addressing, etc. Get optimum use of your network resources by preventing waste and unnecessarily long routes.
  • Graceful traffic transition between Perimeta and Sansay, Oracle Communications, Ribbon SBC, and other models
  • Prepare Perimata for SHAKEN/STIR and compliance with TRACED Act of 2019


Import to Metaswitch from Cisco BroadWorks NEW!

In partnership with Metaswitch, ECG Alpaca offers data migration from Cisco BroadWorks platforms. Get 100% of your data including All users, groups, enterprises, SIP access devices, special configurations. Retain full access and control for every feature in BroadWorks – including hunt groups, call centers (call queueing), dial plans, SIP trunking, call pickup groups.

  • Retrieve your data from BroadWorks as often as you need
  • Get full access to all your BroadWorks provisioning data in easy-to-use JSON format

Finding the Better Way

Don’t limit yourself to the obvious option you see.

ECG always looks for multiple good options to consider. Whether it's comparing vendor quotes, finding competitive alternatives, or proposing multiple engineering approaches, ECG provides innovative options.