Cyber Security for Service Providers

Defend against threats targeted at voice and internet service providers – and achieve your essential cyber security goals.

Voice service providers and internet service providers are subject to a unique set of cyber security risks.

Your vulnerabilities can come from almost anywhere:

  • Attacks through the PSTN
  • Risks from "trusted" customer networks
  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • Attacks through SIP
  • Malware in Android-powered endpoints
  • Telephony denial of service (TDoS) attacks

Add to this security vulnerabilities in your operating systems, data centers, and cloud environments, and you're at risk for cyber security incidents that impact your business - and your customers.

Get Ahead of Cyber Threats

When you're constantly in a reactive state, there's no time to focus on your essential cyber security goals. Get proactive and go beyond point-in-time periodic security scans - and make time for what matters:

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Network inventory and understanding the data flows allowed through it

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Verifying security configurations

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Confirming and reviewing software updates

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Ongoing follow up to ensure a compliant system doesn't fall behind

ECG will help you tackle your challenges and get closer to reaching your cyber security goals. Gain confidence through ongoing reporting and one-on-one collaboration with expert, focused security professionals who specialize in service providers.

Trust us for:

Cloud and on-premise platform assessments

Support for regulatory compliance goals under HIPAA, NIST 800, PCI DSS, GDPR, and FCC CPNI

Ongoing access to security experts who know your system

Cyber security and defense training

Ongoing threat detection

Knowledge of specialized requirements for each network and scenario

Get started applying rapid
cyber defense measures with minimal effort.
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ECG is Trusted for Security Consulting & Training by…

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Department of Justice
“ECG provides platform design requirements, project management, engineering process enhancements, training, security analysis, evaluation of NIST 800-53 control assessments, and vulnerability remediation and support of Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M) management.”
Statement approved 2018 for release by the US Department of Justice - Executive Office of US Attorney

What are the two top factors that determine which UCaaS service businesses choose?

Security. Reliability.

Elka Popova, Frost & Sullivan

Elka Popova

Frost & Sullivan

Not enough time to keep up with security?

You know how critical it is to your business to be protected from data breaches, attacks, and malware. CSAND augments your workforce, collaborating with your team without overwhelming their time. Brief, strategic meetings allow key reviews, training explanations, and mitigation planning.

Too many threats detected to address them all?

You know every system is under continuous attack; how do you prioritize the threats that matter most? Based on data from the US Federal Government and International threat databases, CSAND prioritizes repair of vulnerabilities that cause the greatest risk to your system operations and reliability.

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