CSAND - ECG’s Cyber Security Assessment and Defense

Overwhelmed by the number of network vulnerabilities and risks?

Cross-site attacks, Malware, DDoS, and a growing list of security vulnerabilities can make it seem impossible to keep up with the security vulnerabilities affecting your network.

CSAND tackles that challenge with deep analysis, mitigation through patching and reconfiguration, and ongoing review and re-assessment.

What is Cyber Security Assessment and Defense?

CSAND is a comprehensive service for assessing and improving the defenses of a network to achieve maximum reliability and compliance.

With CSAND, you achieve essential cybersecurity goals: Network Inventory and understanding the data flows allowed through it; Security configurations are verified; Software updates are confirmed and reviewed; and ongoing followup to ensure a compliant system doesn’t fall behind. You get confidence through ongoing reporting and 1-on-1 collaboration with expert, focused security professionals who specialize in Service Providers.

Unlike annual audits and periodic security scans, CSAND does the following:

Assesses both cloud and on-premise platforms
Supports and complies with regulatory compliance goals under HIPAA, NIST 800, PCI DSS, GDPR, FCC CPNI
Provides ongoing access to security experts who know your system
Trains internal staff on strong practices
Detects new threats in an ongoing basis
Ensures defensive mitigations are understood by staff through explanatory training, implemented, applied and retained
Starts providing defense rapidly, with minimal effort
Accommodates professional judgment and specialized requirements for each network and scenario

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Defending the Nation’s Justice

Department of Justice
“ECG provides platform design requirements, project management, engineering process enhancements, training, security analysis, evaluation of NIST 800-53 control assessments, and vulnerability remediation and support of Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M) management.”
Statement approved 2018 for release by the US Department of Justice - Executive Office of US Attorney

Detailed Configuration & Installation Review

CSAND analyzes the detailed installations, permissions, configuration files, routing and firewall rules. This method ensures a comprehensive analysis that cannot be performed with simple automated systems or malware scanners.

Specialists in Unified Communication & Voice

CSAND understands the complexity of Voice and Unified Communication security, including Cisco, Legacy BroadSoft, Metaswitch, and Ribbon, Avaya.

ECG is the only Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) providing services to all of the world's top Unified Communications software vendors.

Ongoing Monitoring for New Threats

With CSAND, you get continuous monitoring of new vulnerabilities that might affect your system. Whether they occur in Operating Systems, Applications, or IoT devices, CSAND enables mitigation of new threats whenever they occur.

Continuous Network Defense

Unlike passive malware and behavior monitoring alone, CSAND provides mitigation vulnerabilities to prevent attacks. With CSAND, the network is…

External Probing & Penetration Analysis

CSAND analyzes potential weak entry points from customer and attacker networks, and supports remediation and mitigation of threats.

Key Cyber Security Assessment Technical Areas

Servers & Virtualization Platforms
Data Network: Routing & Switching
Firewall Rules
Core Platform Applications & Databases
Load Balancers
IoT & Phone Device Management

What are the two top factors that determine which UCaaS service businesses choose?

Elka Popova, Frost & Sullivan
“Security. Reliability.”
– Elka Popova, Frost & Sullivan

Not enough time to keep up with security?

You know how critical it is to your business to be protected from data breach, attack, and malware. CSAND augments your workforce, collaborating with your team without overwhelming their time. Brief, strategic meetings allow key reviews, training explanations, and mitigation planning.

Too many threats detected to address them all?

You know every system is under continuous attack; but how do you prioritize the threats that matter most? Based on data from the US Federal Government and International threat databases, CSAND prioritizes repair of vulnerabilities with the greatest risk to your system operation and reliability.

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