Say Goodbye to Inflexible Pricing and BroadWorks Complications With Alpaca

Meet Alpaca: your BroadWorks management toolset. Open the door for unprecedented flexibility in user account management and enterprise location and relocation. With Alpaca, you’ll never worry about rigid, complex provisioning in BroadWorks again.

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Anyone with experience provisioning in BroadWorks knows the system can be inflexible – and often requires special skills and training that are hard to come by.

That’s where Alpaca comes in. Simplify your BroadWorks management and enjoy a feature-rich system that comes with 24/7/365 support for all BroadWorks releases.

"ECG fills several engineering roles for the United States Department of Justice to support the deployment of a BroadSoft BroadWorks Unified Communications Suite which enables more than 25,000 end users in multiple geographically dispersed locations throughout the U.S. Each of these sites requires hosted communications functionality from the centralized BroadWorks servers."
- U.S. DOJ-Approved
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Alpaca is the BroadWorks Management Tool, transforming and migrating users between BroadWorks systems for replacement, scaling, and management. Alpaca is the only commercially supported platform that migrates 100% of BroadWorks user features and allows seamless (no-server-downtime, no-user-downtime) operation.

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Department of Justice

Enjoy Unprecedented Flexibility in BroadWorks Management

Use what you want - pay for only what you need.

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Ongoing Compatibility

Unlike custom-crafted solutions that must be re-integrated with each BroadWorks upgrade, Alpaca is always compatible, equipping your system with full support for each new Broadworks release.

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Simple Customization

Manage your subscribers in a way that makes sense for your business by integrating new functionality and capabilities with Alpaca's extensive API.

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Flexible Licensing

Our flexible licensing lets you use features temporarily whenever you need them so that you can optimize your spending. Use only what you want and keep only what you need.

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Expert Services

We'll supplement your engineering team's knowledge with on-site and virtual training, 24/7 support, and custom-built tools - whatever your specific needs are, we'll here to help you provide better voice service to your customers.

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Trusted by the Largest BroadWorks Operators

Alpaca is deployed at some of the largest BroadWorks operators in the world, providing security monitoring, reporting tools, and other features critical for running BroadWorks at scale.

More Benefits Our Clients Love:

  • User Self-Care portal from convenient customer access
  • Simple traffic grooming between servers
  • Bulk import data to BroadWorks from other platforms
  • Full compatibility with the latest cyber security standards
  • Bulk provisioning from spreadsheets
  • Efficient support for users across all BroadWorks clusters
  • Backup and restoration of BroadWorks subscriber data